Chef Thomas Ortega: Healthy Holiday Tamales – Good Day L.A. (TV)

Chef Thomas Ortega: Healthy Holiday Tamales

By: Michelle Pulfrey, Good Day LA Producer, Writer – Good Day L.A. (FOX TV)

VIDEO: Chef Thomas Ortega: Healthy Holiday Tamales - Good Day L.A. (TV)

VIDEO: Chef Thomas Ortega: Healthy Holiday Tamales – Good Day L.A. (TV)

For many families, tamales are a holiday tradition. Chef Thomas Ortega was here from his new restaurant, Amor Y Tacos with secrets to making excellent tamales.

The tamale-making process is pre-gathering tradition with Mexican/ Latino families to kick off the holiday season. It can be a lengthy process, but it makes for a great time turn off the TV and cell phones, gather in the kitchen and catch up with loved ones.

Because of the work involved in the preparation of tamales, tamales usually only appear during the special holidays or other big celebrations, like Christmas. Plus it’s a great time to spend time with loved ones while preparing the tamales – like we’re doing this morning!

Fun facts about Chef Thomas Ortega:

  • Chef Thomas Ortega was a two-time guest judge for Mexican cuisine on FOX’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen.’
  • Chef Thomas decided to open his second restaurant in the town he grew up in order to bring a taste of his culinary prowess to his old ‘hood of Cerritos.
  • Amor Y Tacos is a gourmet taqueria and cantina where Ortega puts a gourmet twist on Mexican culinary staples, as well as a few other American comfort food dishes with South-of-the-border flare: Doritos chilaquiles, South East “Doyer Dog”, Mole Tots, Kobe Meatball Sopes, Amor Chile Relleno Burger….and of course, lots of tacos!
  • Amor Y Tacos also applies south-of-the-border flare to classic cocktails and offers the Amor House Margarita that rivals the excellent taste of its sister 120 House Margarita at Ortega 120 which LA WEEKLY deemed “Best Classic Margarita”.


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